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Krabber Krabber
Version 0.4

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3. How to use

3.1 Possible input data

  • With the CD Button you can select a number of Audio tracks.

  • You can select tracks from multiple CD Devices.
  • You can drop a WAVE file on Krabber.
  • You can drop a MP2 or MP3 on Krabber.
  • Many others supported by sox.

3.2 Possible output data

You can all of this grab/copy/decode an produce
  • a wave file,
  • a mp3 file with 8hz-mp3, blade-enc, l3enc or mp3enc.
  • Many others supported by sox.

3.3 Configure your data formats

Well, much to say... but not yet (anyone have a good discription about the mp3 formats and the formats from sox or would like to write something??)

3.4 Set the output path

Well, not much to say. Simply the path where all files are written. Maybe directories were created, when you check on in the track information.

3.5 Hack in the track information

If you do not this, the files named KrabOutput + the Job number + .wav or .mp3. So it is not necessary to hack in the filenames, if you do not need this.

Krabber save the hole Information in the mp3 tag ( if you produce a mp3 ).
If you press Enter in the title name field Krabber go to the next file/track.
If you want Krabber create a Directory named as the interpret and another one in there named as the album and put in this the files.
You can also build your filename here. 
If you have downloaded the information from a CDDB server the information for the year and the type is missing. Krabber extend the CDDB with this information, but there is no other application that use this information. (If you edit your CDDB data with (for example) kscd this information is lost !)
WARNING: The music types with a * are extension from the Winamp. Many applications support these, many does NOT.  Some rare apps can crash if you select one.

3.6 Change the mp3 TAG information on existing files
Drop your files on krabber, change the information in the box above and click on  in the toolbar. Krabber will ask you, if you want to change 
also your filenames. 

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