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CONTROL(not a anice name, ne1 knows a better one ?)

This is a project to replace your HiFi CD-Player in the future against an mini linux pc which played standard cd-a cdroms AND cdroms with mp3 files.
You need some hardware:

At the moment I write a driver for the kernel to support the IR modul and the LCD Display. Why the hell again another driver, there are several for linux ?????  I want to connect the LCD Display and the IR modul to the same parrallel port. the existing IR drivers for serial port working only on some serial ports( the serial port works with 12 volt and the ir with 5 volt. the hardware layout wich is described is depended from the internal resistment inside the serial controller) . I need also a driver wich is inside the monolith kernel.
I am doing some hardware work at the moment (recycle an old keyboard and create a layout where the LCD display, the IR modul and some keys get a place)

  1. THIS PACKAGE (take three)

  2. you will find some code and precompiled apps
  3. the Linux kernel, if you had to recompile the kernel

  4. in the kernel on disk support
    -Soundblaster io=0x220 irq=5 dma=1
    -ATAPI CD-ROM mapped as SCSI device
    -AIC78xx SCSI controller
    -NCR53c8xx SCSI controller
    -AHA-152x SCSI controller (a simple adapter chipped with an internal SCSI-ZIP drive)
  1. extract the package
  2. format a floppy with minix (mkfs.minix /dev/fd0)
  3. copy the files inside the DISK dir to disc
  4. do a lilo -r /where_the_disc_is_mounted

If you had change some defaults:

  1. edit the config.h file
  2. run Make
  3. gunzip DISK/boot_image.gz
  4. do a mount DISK/boot_image /mnt -o loop
  5. cp control.static /mnt/bin/control
  6. maybe add some devices ind /mnt/dev or replace the kernel (it need the the ramdisc support WITH inital ramdisk support)
  7. do a umount /mnt
  8. gzip DISK/boot_image
  9. cp DISK/boot_image.gz /floppy
  10. lilo -r /floppy
  11. and try again to boot

Some mp3 CD's:
   the directory structure should like this:
Interpret (Directory) - Album(Directory) - Title(File)
support for other CD´s in the future (without the smart jumping)

it support:




Some suggestions ???
Mail me...