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Jobs to do till 1.0 (current version is 0.3.1):

0.0.1:  initial release, very buggy

0.1:    error detection routines
        Output-Name Widget
        Nice Level Support
        use klocal for internationalization

0.2:    mp3header producer
        l3enc, mp3enc, bladeenc support ( any other encoders ?? )
        new GUI
        rewrite some important functions

0.2.1:  some bugfixes
           disable controls due encoding
           SMP Support

0.2.2:  bug fixes again (qt-1.33 will run i hope )   thanks to thufir
           l3enc should work fine now                         thanks to thufir too

0.2.3:  bug fixes again ( I hope it will compile now on redhat )

0.2.4: save configuration
          update gui
          stop/continue and renice grabbing/encoding
          and ... bug fixes

0.2.5: GUI Update
          first espanol support (thanx to Jorge)
          bladeenc 0.72 support
          l3enc demoversion support (not tested)
          some internal changes ... I hope there are not more bugs now.

0.2.6: Some new simple functions
          some bigfixes are still needed
0.2.6p1: Kill the mp3 tag bug

0.2.7: RAW output support
          fixes for wave output
                          l3enc (untested)
          mp3 TAG fixed

          It is not needed to do a system check every startup.
          Function to read as much as possible (many people has me asked about that both funktions)
          Support for MP3 TAG v1.0(old) and v1.1(new)
          some first CDDB support (read from local database)

0.3.1: a lot of bugfixes (0.3.0 was a shame)
       minor GUI updates
       updated french language
       new finish language support
       new hungarian language support
       full local CDDB support.

0.3.2: fixes a bug that causes cddb data lost...
       and corrected the extension for krabber in the cddb data files
       remote CDDB handling.
       multiple CD handling in the same CD device
       should work on solaris (2.5) now ( Thanks to Marcell Lengyl )
       very important: a counter how much data had been converted since
                                  installation :-)

0.3.3: fix again or FULL CDDB send code not done, 'cause no one from the CDDB people had send me a mail :-( ).

0.4.0: support sox 12.15 (no cdda2wav support anymore needed..)
                ( this means support for: cdr, raw, aiff, 8svx, au, maud, sf, smp, voc, dat, wve, txw, sndr, sndt, vms, cvs )
            read MP3 TAG information and add a function to update your MP3 TAGs future: 0.4.1: work without tempfiles..(only 1 encoder can work and NO bladeenc support)
            support for cdindex (a FREE CDDB alternative,
            WinAmp TAG extensions.

0.4.1: add lame encoder support
       add encoder encoder support ( well, I mean the one from without
                                     a  real name ;-)
       add an offset function.
       work without tempfiles( not for all encoders... )
       kicked the 99 title bug.
0.4.2: add cdrecord support
       update cddb code

0.4.x: support for cdindex (a FREE CDDB alternative,

0.5: Soundcard input

0.6: add "Compact Disc Text" support, no idea about the way to do it.....
       anonyone knows a tool, that read this information ?????
       can i read it with my plextors ??????

0.7: ???????????

0.99: wait for all translations and kill ALL bugs !

1.0: a damned good release

1.5: lyrics support (MP3 TAG v2.0)

2.0: new SMP support (it will work with a single title )
       Network encoding

I do not want to patch 8hz-mp3 or bladeenc with a standard input function
anymore ! It is needed to work WITHOUT any tempfiles, but it make no sense,
´cause it will make your cd-rom very hot (esp. the 20x and higher) and reduce it´s livetime.
So you will ever need some swap space to use krabber !

Maybe a procedure to encode on multiple network connected computers.
So we should maybe write a kbeowolf class and configuration application ????
(maybe i will do this after an 1.0 release.)

something else ???
mail me.